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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Review- Shock-G "Fear Of A Mixed Planet"

As endorsed by Shock-G himself y'all!!

Artist: Shock-G

Album: "Fear Of A Mixed Planet"

Artist website:

Miraculously, yet pleasantly surprisingly, after over 15years of the introduction of Digital Underground, their frontman-slash-split personality manages to create a modern masterpiece.

As opposed to pulling the DU posse back together, Shock takes up the majority of the album and instead features cameos, such as collaborating with Money-B on Weesom Hustlas and giving Clev MC (who featured on the Humpty Hump single "No Nose Job" as a kid) several appearances.

Like the past DU albums, FoaMP's topic matter is included in the album title. Cheekily borrowing and changing Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet," although the only person who would be able to clarify that theory would be Shock-G himself, the preaching subject is about how society has become a muddle of cultures and ignorance. This is a humorous look at the world today. Shock never seems to fail in entertaining us throughout, yet returning to the subject. The tracks all reflect Shock's philosophical outlook of things is prominent throughout. Reflections like "What I wanna know is what year Jesus think it was?" will have listeners laughing over and over as you stick the CD on repeat.

The key subject is still always touched upon though despite the humorous disguise. "Gotchoo," "Who's Clean" and the odd title track itself deal with the dilution of black and white communities coming together. Compared to the time of "Fear of a BLACK Planet," Shock gives the retrospect we are all equal.

Saying all this, you'd think from what I've written the entire album to be only on that subject, but far from it. Its been over 7 years since the last DU album, giving the odd appearance here and there, but the CD fills in the void of between that time. Songs like "Cinnamon Waves" and "Baby You Okay?" relate to Shock's past drug addiction. "Holdmedown Up" featuring an appearance from Yukmouth deal with friendships in the 'hood. Numskull, Yuk's old co-rapper also makes an appearance on "My Opinion," its only too bad they never hooked up on the Same Song (no DU pun intended there!). If you managed to catch that subliminal then you'll dig the last track "Your Sun Iza Pimp," which despite its misspelt its title really is about the sun in the sky! The way Shock makes his music is pure genius!
The fun doesn't even stop there- "The Rime In The Mochanut" is a hilarious oddity of Shock ending each of his lines with a curse word but changing it to something else before saying it- hard to describe but hugely funny to hear!

Its good to hear Shock switching between himself and Humpty Hump throughout as it wouldn't be a DU release if it wasn't blessed with his nasal talents! The production is also very solid, mostly by Shock himself, Metaphysical and DJs Q-Bert and D-Sharp on the turntables. Each song is like a wonderful soundscape and very well mastered. The playback is thumping! As if that wasn't enough, Shock, under his pseudonym of Rackadelic painted the entire design of the psychadelic CD case and sleeve! There is nothing this man will not do!

Shock will always be as dedicated to his music as I will be as a fan. Over a decade since when Digital Underground hit the scene Shock has never shown signs of selling out. The album is packed with too many great songs and most double up as party tracks too. One of 2004's best CD's most of you would never have heard of, "Fear Of A Mixed Planet" is essential listening, over and over and over!



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