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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Saturday OOH OOH!!

Check check...

Saturday only comes round once a week ya know!!

That means work... especially for me. The Saturday worker. The Saturday Assistant. Yes yes. I take pride.

Bustin' thru those doors 15 minutes late like nothing's wrong with not being punctual and grabbing a customised staff badge - i had to affix a tiny scrap of Post-It note and sellotape to it covering up 'Sunday' and replacing it with 'Saturday' to give me my correct title of 'Saturday Assistant!'

Aint much change over the usual work day. I helped some lady look for an out of print book within the earshot of my boss, enough for him to overhear the praise she gave me and in return praising me himself . Its stuff like that which gets a man thru his working life . Lunch time I went in search of something to treasure my memoirs this week, my last educational week. WHSmith had some cheap notebooks for a few pounds but I wasnt feeling them. The memories have to last longer than the paper in the thin-sheeted pads so i stepped up a bit more and looked elsewhere. Found a nice place called "Paper Passions." Almost sounds like an origami porn movie!!

So i got me a book. A nice book. Quite expensive too, but the letters inside are what will be priceless, right? Check the photo to peep that shit out... that's where [most of] your letters to meeeeee will go!!

STEP back into that work place, why who do i see? Well if it isnt SHABA (Mr Looooooooverman!! ) Just wanna say "What up?!"

Also picked up ("picked up" is such a light way of putting it - STOLE!) 4 DVDs from the discarded collection. 3 of them James Bond series. Pimpin' my workplace coz i deserve a little back from my council!!


So what else about today?

Well, young Ish is leaving for the Motherland. If you know her well enough then you'll know where i mean.

I spent my morning break pouring some emotion into a quick goodbye text to her coz she'll be gone for a while.

So best of luck to her.

We love you!!

And i began writing a few short notes for other people's leavers books i promised to write in. Kind of emotional when you think about it actually. All those great memories and it'll be the last time we're all together, as a college family . Knowing the great power of my writing i think i'll be able to make a few people cry . That's not meant to be a cruel intention, but it shows just how deep some of us feel about eachother.

AAAAAnyway, man better sign off... tomorrow is the brother's birthday, and hopefully a trip to see Star Wars - LIGHTSABRES AT THE READY!!! BBSSSSHEEEWW!!

Peace up, playerz

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