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Sunday, May 29, 2005

BoyzIIMen "Legacy"

BoyzIIMen "Legacy"

Time for some smooth sounds of Boyz II Men...

1. Motownphilly
An upbeat introduction song with an early 90s vibe to it. The story of how B2M came up and representing their city and style, mixing hip hop and harmony styles together. Nice choice for an intro to a greatest hits album

2. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
No beat, complete harmonising, very gospel orientated. This is quite downbeat in tone and suited much to a sad situation. Even turning this right up will leave with very little bass...

3. End Of The Road
The song of all goodbye songs! End Of The Road is a storm with the ladies and an excellent slow jam to throw your lighters up and sway to! Just one of many songs to make your moves to!

4. In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember)
Another barbershop-style melody, milking the music B2M make. Shoo-wap-doo-waa. A sweet chilling tune

5. Hey Lover - Boyz II Men & LL Cool J
From LL's "Mr Smith" album, Hey Lover makes an appearance on Legacy as one of B2M's best collabos. With rap I can comment a little more, as my usual reviews are more towards rap- a typical LL love song, B2M take the hook. LL raps about a girl he sees at a phone box which he later fantasises about, which is the general gist of the rapping. It compliments well, and given LL's past soppy-raps, pulls it off

6. I'll Make Love To You
DEFINITELY a track to get busy to, I'll Make Love To You is another track the girls will all know (all too well, depending on your company!) Left to the bedroom, you can invent your own choreography to such a song. The vocalists really give it their all to put the message across.

7. On Bended Knee
Begging for a girl's heart to come back? This is the begging song for you. A ponderous song, and a wish for a lover to come back

8. Water Runs Dry
A song about taking chances when they come to you, lest the opportunity be missed. Set to a strummed guitar, light strings and light drums.

9. One Sweet Day - Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey
A vocal jump off! A song about heaven and seeing those missed when they get there- one sweet day!
Mariah and B2M have a very similar style of music where their two boundaries blur together. Mariah has always been known to collaborate with different genres of music and each of B2M's vocalists sing back and forth with her.

10. Doin' Just Fine
A post-relationship song about meeting your ex again at the point when you're completely over them.

11. 4 Seasons Of Loneliness
It sings exactly what it says on the tin. A description of a full four seasons (a year, in other words). Its another song about missing a lover for a long time. I'm somewhat reminded of a Mariah Carey appearance when the female backers come in, but its all good.

12. Song For Mama
One for Mother's Day. A Song For Mama is a song for the most special woman in anyone's life, their mum. If you find difficulty in telling you mum you love her, its best you just play this song for her. It praises a mum in every possible way
Something about this song makes it feel like a song you'd play when your mother died though!
It also makes you think... a group of grown men singing a song about mums... did they all share one great big mum??!

13. Pass You By
Has to be one of my phrases. "Don't let real love pass you by." Say it with the right attitude amd it should work!
Another guitar bassed song, it works really well and stands out above the rest for me. The fact that love can be completely overridden by being in an unhappy relationship is the message, and the song carries on well until it fades out.

14. Rose And A Honeycomb
An atmospheric, mysterious Latin style song with use of personification.

15. Thank You
If I'm right, this track uses absolutely NO instruments. Bar a sample on a loop, the entire song is hummed, harmonised and beatboxed by B2M and it sounds quite fantastic! This really makes it stand out and is an ideal outro song.


What I love about R'n'B is it can address feelings and emotions that other types of music find hard to grasp. B2M's Legacy is really a collection of songs that can help you express those feelings and is an ideal gift for a girl. After all, it is a female audience the lyrical content is aimed at, and a B2M song on the dancefloor is the very mark of the moment to go for a girl.

While a male audience may not find it a neccessary CD for their collection, its always useful to keep this CD about, especially when you want to get a little... intimite. The rest is up to you what you do along to the music... this is good chillout material.

Many of the songs are anthems to slow jammers worldwide, and immediate recognition from female ears guarantees you will have a good time with this CD. The songs are all good, their general structure being to sing the verses then the energetic choruses with a big buildup at the end. Aside from whereelse stated, they all conform to the same style of R'n'B.

This is a cool greatest hits CD and the impression it leaves would influence me to peep out other B2M albums. A job well done.

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